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Ryan Thomas föräldrar var skilda, han bodde med mamma och hade umgänge med sin pappa.
Problemet var att mamma inte riktigt ville låta sonen umgås med pappan och med hjälp av släktingar så gjorde hon Ryans uppväxt till ett rent helvete. Hon lyckades att separera Ryan från hans pappa genom manipulation och lögner.

Ryans meddelande och information kring den första filmen:

The controlling parent in Parental Alienation create massively destructive, stressful, and hate filled scenes that can be blamed on the victim parent. This is the story of how my Dad was ambushed when I was 8 years old. This had a LASTING EFFECT that made me ”not want to go with daddy anymore.” Please share your comments. Have you been a victim of a manipulated scene to make your kid thing badly of you?


I was robbed of a relationship with my dad for over 25 years. Everything this kind and loving man did was bastardized. I was born believing he never truly cared about me. That story was re-enforce and manufactured every moment of my life for decades. My perception and love for him constantly tainted until the stress was so unbearable that I severed the relationship. My mom cheered for the success of her “life’s work” – to destroy my relationship with my Dad.


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