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MailOnline 2/7 2014

Brittiska barnpsykologen Penelope Leach har i en artikel i MailOnline tagit upp detta med umgängessabotage.
I sin nya bok Family Breakdown beskriver Penelope hur, oftast mammor, ser till att manipulera och sabotera familjebandet mellan barnen och deras pappa så att kontakten helt bryts.
Allt för att förhållandet är slut.

Penelope Leach säger att detta umgängessabotage är en av de största skandalerna i Storbritannien som alla väljer att tala tyst om eller totalt ignorera.
Lite som inställningen är i Sverige då. Pratar vi inte om det så existerar det inte heller, det är papporna som sviker barnen helt enkelt!

MailOnline har ett citat från Penelopes bok:



When a father (it’s usually the father) leaves the family home, some mothers will lie to stop them from seeing the children or speaking to them.

A father, hoping to talk to his son, will be told: ‘He can’t come to the phone – he’s in the bath.’ To the child: ‘No, it wasn’t your father. Do you really think he’s going to bother phoning?’

To the father on doorstep: ‘They’re not coming out with you; they’ve gone to their nan’s.’ To the children: ‘You didn’t want to go with him and leave me all by myself, did you?’

Perhaps cruellest of all, a parent may play on a child’s sympathies, making him (or her) feel disloyal for loving the other parent: ‘Don’t you leave me, too… You’re all I’ve got.’ Or: ‘We’re all right together aren’t we? We don’t need him.’

Research shows that children are often so desperate not to hurt the parent they live with that they’ll say whatever they know she (it’s usually the mother) wants to hear. They may even say they no longer want any contact with Daddy – when actually, they still love him.


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