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MailOnline 30/6 2014

21-årige Ben Sullivan, ordförande för anrika debattsällskapet Oxford Union, anklagades för våldtäkt och sexuell kränkning. Han namngavs och häxjakten på hans liv började, namnet på kvinnorna som anklagade honom för våldtäkt har ej offentliggjorts.

Nu har det framkommit att en av de kvinnorna som anklagade Ben för våldtäkt visste om att hennes anklagelser var falska. Den incident som ett år senare förvandlades till våldtäkt var helt enkelt fyllesex med två villiga deltagare.
I en konversation mellan kvinnan och Ben på Facebook sägs bland annat följande:

Discussing on Facebook rumours that she was raped by Mr Sullivan after an event in January 2013, the alleged victim reassured the Union President: “If we ignore it, it’ll go away.”

Mr Sullivan replied: “People are going around accusing me of rape… How on earth could this have happened? I can’t really just ignore people accusing me of a felony I obviously did not commit.”

The student, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said: “When I got back to [my college] there were a bunch of people who’d been on [an event] outside the bar.

“I was drunk, crying and half dressed, no one knew that I’d just got back together with my boyfriend – that’s how people got the wrong idea.

“The next day I told everyone that was not what had happened, people just assumed – and a few girls decided that I was traumatised and suffering from victim guilt, which is ridiculous.

“My boyfriend didn’t find out until someone told him at the end of trinity. He then broke up with me. You can’t seriously think I would want that. I’m trying to ignore it because I still feel so, so guilty about cheating on him.”

When asked whether she believed the rumours were true, she added: “I know it must be absolutely awful for you but it’s not something I wanted people to find out – being known as a cheat is not fun. And no, of course they’re not. I was far too drunk, that’s it.”

Seeking the alleged victim’s help, Mr Sullivan replied again: “I will tell them its obviously not true and to ask you about it if they don’t believe me? Is that ok?”

“That’s so, so fine,” the alleged victim responded.

En debatt liknande den som förs i Sverige angående sex har nu drabbat Storbritannien, samtycke är inte alltid ett ja och sex kan vara våldtäkt. (mer…)

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