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På 1980-talet anklagade Meredith Maran sin pappa för att ha utnyttjat henne sexuellt. År senare så undrade hon om de minnen hon hade var verkligen sanna.
Meredith var i 30-års åldern när hon anklagade sin pappa och familjen föll samman av dessa anklagelser.

Meredith skriver följande i en artikel i brittiska The Guardian 2010.:

In the late 1970s, a handful of feminist scholars had done some ground-breaking research and delivered some distressing news: incest wasn’t the rare anomaly it had long been believed to be; it happened often, in normal families. A psychological phenomenon called repressed memory had allowed this to go unacknowledged, even unknown. As Freud had first asserted a century earlier, the impact of child sexual abuse on young psyches was so profound that victims often lost their memories, for years or decades.

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