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”If you’re reading this, you no doubt know of a father
whose life has been torn apart by the family legal system.
Or maybe you are that man. ”

This was the impetus for the making of Big Bad Dad:  the filmmakers realized they simply knew too many fathers who had the same horrific, turn-your-life-upside-down stories about their experiences. 

We are Ruth van Vierzen and Patrick Hodgson, the filmmakers behind this project.  We have been working on this film for 4 years and we are very anxious to get this film finished and out to the masses.

Every day that goes by, another father’s life is being unfairly torn apart by the legal system.

This will be a controversial film that will expose the systemic bias against men that has become ingrained in the government and legal institutions in North America and supported in entertainment media.

Jag fick ett tips av Uffe på PappaRättsGruppen.
Tipset gäller en film med titeln: Big Bad Dad.

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Big Bad Dad

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